Center Family

Context and Motivation

The idea to create the Center comes to complement the achievementsmade on the ground, carried out in support for the family and childhood, achievements that made possible the availability of a developable database. The latter will be useful for the observation of the Moroccan family reality in order to rationalize and to channelvoluntarism in the family and childhood field, and this through a constructive scientific action, accompanying the action on the ground, and contributing to develop the Society.

As for the general context, it is subdivided into two:

A national Context: in relation with the changes the country knows especially in the family field and in relation with the need to structure the latter within an integrated system including institutions and laws as well as programs and public policies. The goal is to incorporate the family institution in social and economic takeoff, and in the rise of values in Morocco.
An international context:  it becomes impossible to take a lead   internationally if there is no drive or no contribution to the production of ideas, laws and programs concerning the human being wherever he is, if there is no contribution in terms of studies and proposals, useful for humanity, and highlighting the positive civilizational aspect of the country and the Umma and its role to make humanity and more specifically the family happy.

Reasons of the Center creation

Monitoring Reality as regards:
  • Accelerated changes of the Moroccan Society, and influence on the family process, and on the family production and stability.
  • Tangled and confused identities and Influence of optional and obligatory opening factors in terms of laws and pacts on the family evolution.

Assessment of scientific research:

  • Insufficient studies based on social sciences to direct the trends on the family issueSuperficial legal, social and scientific research, in the field of analytical studies, based on observation, data and figures analysis, with a noticeable decline in cultural activities of accompaniment and support.
  • Social Need for research and surveys that contribute to build a force of proposals in terms of development-incentive bills and programs within the framework of identity, values and laws.