Literary and Artistic Creativity Award in Family Values

  • Award Definition

It is an award offered by the Center of Family Studies and Research in Values and Law to encourage focusing on literary creativity and producing a literary narrative text with characters, structure, heroes, and happenings. Such creativity should highlight the original and supreme human values and capitalize on the cultural and civilizational acquisitions of the Moroccan human being. The spotlight must also be on the value shifts using the text knot, problematic characters; and discussion of new issues in an artistic template that makes the human common sense witnessing a highly evolving process and enables the reader innermost to interact positively with the supreme values via literary reading and elevated appreciation.


  • The Award Objectives

The award aims at giving the literary writing its importance in interacting with reality, elevating it and going beyond insignificances through:

  1. Participating in the positive construction of the reader’s innermost thanks to a literary production, which combines literary narrative writing tools and supreme civilizational values.
  2. Anchoring the family values thanks to a literary captivating style, making the reader appreciating the writing art and the values passing through his soul in grace and delicacy, fitting for literary creativity and elevated common sense.
  3. Providing reconsideration to the family positive values and highlighting them in creativity.
  4. Spotlighting the immaterial capital of the Moroccan Society thanks to symbols, spaces and characters in the literary writing.
  5. Linking the innermost of the Moroccan Reader with the Moroccan Identity thanks to Graceful literary writing using Moroccanized basic elements.
  6. Coding the Society leaders, who edify, in diversity and harmony, the Moroccan Human Being and the ethnic, doctrinal and national values.
  7. Motivating and supporting the creativity capabilities, and emphasizing them on the cultural arena.

The award is made up from:

  • A shield with the award logo and year
  • Certificate of Honor
  • Symbolic money reward.

The Award Topics

The award is granted in the following fields:

  • The Novel
  • The Short Novel
  • The Drawn Fiction for Children
  • Cartoons
  • Society Games
  • Artistic Paintings


  • Terms of Candidacy to the Award

  1. The candidate must not be a member in the Organization Committee or in the Jury
  2. The candidate must present the creative work in one of the following languages: Arabic, French, Amazigh
  3. The Artistic Work must not have been previously submitted in another award competition; otherwise, the Centre has the right to consider the candidacy to its award competition null and void.
  4. The candidate to the literary creativity award must send five copies of his/her artistic work + a copy on CD, with his/her CV detailing his/her scientific and personal track.



To support the Award:


Bank : Société Générale Marocaine de Banques 

Account Number: 022.780.

Branch: Hay Salam 55 BLD Abdelmoumen- Hay Hassani Casablanca- Morocco

 Swift Code: SGMB MA MC