The Scientific Research Award in Family Studies


Scientific Research is considered as a central entryway to the revival of nations on the one hand and to the rationality of human and society projects on the other hand. This centrality comes essentially from local advance, which aspires to be a global contribution and a universal radiation. If we consider our country’s ancient and recent history, the family and women play a core role in contributing in building its edifice.  For example, if we take the ALQARAWIYYIN Landmark, historians witness of the universal role it played in graduating renowned scholars nationally and internationally.

We, in the Centre of Family studies and Research in values and law, resume this crucial workshop for the sake of our inner renaissance trying to recover our position as partners in serving humanity worldwide, from our values and civilization perspective.

Therefore, we undertake this mission, inviting all the partners, honest persons, and these nation lovers, science seekers, to adhere morally and materially with us to impulse this project forward.

Nature of the Award

The award is made up from a financial reward and a shield, offered to the winner of the research paper, announced every two years in one of the family studies following aspects: theoretical approach, sociological approach, legal approach, public policies.  Besides, the winning paper is printed and published.


Objectives of the Award

  • Encouraging qualitative scientific research in family, values and law
  • Contributing to the family legal, scientific and value-based renaissance
  • Deepening the academic approach of the sociological, legal, regulatory, value-based family issues.


Period of the Award

The Award is granted once every two years

Terms of the Award

  • The research paper has to be prepared especially for the Award and must not have obtained another internal or external award.
  • The paper must not have been previously printed and published.
  • The paper must not be part of a university dissertation or thesis.
  • The paper must treat the fixed topics
  • The paper must comply with the standards in use in scientific papers:
  • Scientific accuracy
  • Methodological clearance
  • Scientific faithfulness and authenticity
  • The paper must be written in one of the following languages:
  • Arabic
  • Amazigh
  • English
  • French
  • The paper must have an introduction containing:
  • The paper subject,
  • Importance of the subject,
  • Objectives of the paper,
  • Methodology of the paper,
  • Nature of the former research paper preceding it.
  • The paper must end in a conclusion making clear the following:
  • A focused abstract of the scientific findings with the required scientific recommendations and applications.
  • The list of issues the paper raise and which require more efforts in research.
  • The paper must be provided in five printed copies and a copy on CD, the winning researcher undertake to correct the paper according to the Jury observations.
  • The paper must not be less than 100 pages and more than 150 pages, not including the table of contents and the bibliography.
  • The award candidate must attach his/her scientific CV to the paper.
  • The candidate must send the engagement with the signature authenticated from the competent authorities.
  • The candidacies must be sent to the following e-mail:


To support the award:

Bank : Société Générale Marocaine de Banques

Account Number : 022.780.

Branch: Hay Salam 55 BLD Abdelmoumen- Hay Hassani Casablanca Morocco

Swift Code :SGMB MA MC