Under Dahir n° 1-58-376, of Joumada 1st, 3rd, 1378 (November 15th, 1958), relating to the creation of associations, as amended and supplemented by  Dahir outlining law n° 1-73-283 of   rabii 1st , 6th 1393 (April 10th, 1973), was created, in Casablanca and  for an indefinite period, a non-profit making independent scientific association, called CENTER

for  studies and research on family,  values and  laws.

Chapter 1: The Centre Objectives and Means

First Article: Name of the Institution

Center for Studies on Family and Research on Values, and Laws

Second Article: Objectives

Granting importance to the family in  studies and research in social sciences;
Production of a theory in Islamic sociology of the family based on a new approach of sciences and values;
Production of the Moroccan family charter;
Capitalizing the scientific production on the family through thematic studies and publishing;
Methodological and theoretical Training of researchers in the field of studies on family, values and laws;
Development of memoranda of proposals on the family founded on scientific data emanating from the parties concerned;
Contribution to the production of ideas and to the development of universal legislations via the international organizations involved.

Third Article: Means

Organization of sessions for trainers and specialists, each one in his proper field;
Organization of Think tanks in causes correlated with the Centre relevant field;
Organization of specialized national meetings and international conferences in family sociology and sciences of education and family;
Publishing of a strategic report every four years on the state of the family in Morocco;
Publishing of a specialized periodical in order to issue a scientific magazine to the end;
Partnership conventions with scientific institutions at the national and international levels, related to    the research common projects of the Centre relevant field;
Membership in International and universal organizations with common goal;
Creation of a space of scientific research and intelectuel debate between and with intellectuals and men of letters; 
Organization of scientific sessions by signing agreements with university departments and research centres and handing-over of diplomas in the Centre relevant field i.e. studies on family, women,   laws and values.
Organization of training courses in auxiliary sciences: sciences of the Sharia’s finalities or Maqasid Asharia, Principles of legal interpretation or Oussoul Alfiqh or   social sciences and human in general….

Chapter 2: Head Office of the Centre for Research and Studies

The Centre’s head office is located at 26th, residence Alboustane, 5th floor, n° 14, rue Ibnou Kouthayr, Maârif, Casablanca, and it can be transferred to another city on the decision of the Board of Directors.   

Chapter 3: Administrative structures

Article 1: The General meeting 

Paragraph 1: The General meeting

The General meeting is the supreme decisional organ of the Center, it is made up from four members, representing the “Association ALHIDN” strategic partner, the members of the Centre Board of directors, the founding members, the representatives of permanent commissions, some experts and all members of the Centre. Its action consists in the reading of the two reports: the president’s report and financial report and in approving the addition to the executive committee of new members proposed by the President.

Paragraph 2: Competences of the General meeting

Approval of the Executive Office new members, proposed by the president;
Discussion of the President’s and financial reports;
Ratification of  regulatory and legal amendments suggested by the Board of Directors;
Definition of the Centre  scientific priorities;
Publishing the Board-of-directors recommendations to ensure the follow-up of their implementation until the holding of the next general meeting;
Election of the   Board-of-directors members.

Second Article: Board of directors   

Paragraph 1: Board of directors   

 The board of directors is made up from the President, the vice-president, the financial manager, four representatives of ALHIDN association, representatives of specialized scientific departments, and some academicians elected at the General meeting. The board of directors has the capacity to approve the members joining the Executive Office provided that their number does not exceed twenty. 

Paragraph 2: Competences of the Board of directors  

Election of the president for a renewable four-year period;
Proposal of regulatory and Legal amendments to the General Meeting;
Ratification of the joining of  new members to the board of directors ;
Supervision of the implementation of the General meeting resolutions  ;
Development of periodic plans and follow-up of their execution by the Executive Committee.

Third Article: The Executive Committee

Paragraph 1: The Executive Committee

The Committee is made up from the president, the vice-president, the financial manager, the rapporteur, the scientific Adviser, the legal advisor, the Media adviser, and the jurisprudential adviser.

Paragraph 2: Competences of the Executive Committee

Preservation of  the General Meeting resolutions  and implementation of the board –of- directors plan;
Preparation of the President’s report and the financial report ;
Proposal for the joining of members to the board of directors;
Approval of members proposed by the President.  

Fourth Article: Founder President

The President founder of the Center for research and studies, is Mrs. Khadija MOUFID, at the origin of the creation of the Center for research and studies Center  for  studies and research on family,  values and  laws.

The President: The president is elected for a renewable four-year period.  

 FIFTH ARTICLE: Competences of the President 

The president runs the meetings of the Executive Committee, and in the event of absence, the vice-president or any person having a written proxy represents him;  
He / She represents the Center before the national and international administrative and scientific organizations;
He / She proposes the joining of new members to the Executive Committee,
He / She is the spokesperson of the Center for research and studies ;
The authorizing officer.

Fourth Chapter

 First Article: Membership

Can be member of the Center any holder of a master, or an equivalent or a diploma of higher education, any person having research and publications in a scientific or academic magazine or in the relevantfield of the Centre or any financial sponsor of the center, sympathizing with sciences and intellect.

Second Article:

Membership defines the membership terms and conditions as well as the missions and competences of the other functional and administrative organs, besides the organizational relationship in the Center internal by-laws.    

FIFTH CHAPTER: Financial resources

Contributions and donations from members ;
Support of partners;
Support of the official, public organizations and the private sector ;
Incomes of the Center;
Investments of the Center ;

SIXTH CHAPTER: Dismissal and Resignation

Any member has the right to resign from the Centre;
The President has the right to lay off any member from the Executive Committee or from the Centre on decision of the Executive Committee.


The center can be winded up only on a proposal from the board of directors and decision of the General meeting.


When the winding-up of the center is considered final, its goods will return to its strategic partner: ALHIDN ASSOCIATION.

The président

Mrs. Khadija MOUFID